Basic gymnastics

This is your child's first gymnastics class without parents involved where they are moving on from the basics of a guided class to conducting warm up and specific exercises that will stretch and strengthen their muscles in a group setting of their peers. Classes are designed for this age group to keep them engaged and make it fun to keep them wanting to come back.
3 - 4 years
60 minutes
Robertson Quay, Katong, Orchard

What will my child learn in Basic Gymnastics Class?

Tailored for 3 - 4 year-olds, our Basic Gymnastics class offers a holistic approach to early childhood physical development.

This class provides your child with:

Discipline - Instilling fundamental values crucial for both gymnastics and life
Warm-Up - Commencing each session with exercises that prepare their bodies and minds
Stretching - Improving flexibility and reducing the risk of injuries through guided routines
Acrobatic Techniques - Cultivating strength and coordination from a young age
Ball and Rope Activities - Crafted to enhance agility, concentration, and hand-eye coordination
Fundamental Dance Steps - Introducing rhythm and encouraging their little feet to explore and express
Basics of Gymnastics - Establishing the groundwork for a lifelong passion for the sport