Rhythmic gymnastics

At its highest levels, rhythmic gymnastics combines elements of dance, gymnastics and ballet with apparatus such as clubs, ball, rope and hoop in a choreographed routine to music. We start with laying the foundations for this in our classes by building flexibility, strength and coordination.
4 - 12 years
90 minutes
Robertson Quay, Katong, Orchard, Phuket
Class Duration:
For gymnasts who show a love for the sport and are interested in competing, we have periodic assessments to gauge progress and ability. Competitive programs require minimum attendance as we prepare for competitions throughout the year.
For newcomers, our aim is to introduce the sport to you in a fun-filled and positive environment that allows you to try the sport and see why all of our coaches fell in love with it.


Approach for newcomers:


Within the system, there are a number of categories:

For those starting out who want to take their first steps in learning the sport or those who want to benefit from increased flexibility and strength exercises.
If you have developed a foundation and mastered the basics of rhythmic gymnastics and wish to move towards the Levels / CCA or competitive teams then you will continue your development here. It is the next category after recreational.
For those wishing to compete in the grading events and local competitions which offer academic accreditation. More info on this program on our website.
Those who show exceptional promise at a young age and are ready to take the first steps towards representing KGA.
The first team of KGA and highest level in the system.
You can choose a convenient time and use a trial lesson to get to know our academy better.
We are extremely proud of our coaches and only work with the best.
Coaches conducting classes at KGA are all former gymnasts who have also undertaken training in the KGA system of coaching where they learn the Russian system of developing gymnasts from a young age and how to deliver this system in a fun and structured way.
Our coaches are all former gymnasts, many of whom have represented their country at the highest levels of international competition and we encourage you to view their profile on our website.


KGA adopts an inclusive approach to development of its gymnasts
see it
Throughout a typical year, KGA hosts events so parents can come in and see their child’s progress. These events include open classes and internal competitions.
For those involved in competitive programs, more frequent feedback is provided to parents throughout the year as we plan and prepare for competitions.